Bollywood King goes back to his Muslim Roots

By no means am I a Bollywood (Indian Cinema) fan.  I have only seen a handful in my life and never watched one in a theater – before last night when I went with my wife and a few friends to watch the King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and his new film “My Name is Khan” which is making headlines across the world because of it’s “Pro-Muslim” storyline – which is a rarity in Hindu dominated Indian cinema.

A majority of the film was also shot here in the San Francisco Bay Area and since a few of our friends were extras in the movie, we went to watch it in the theaters.

As most people who have seen Bollywood (the nickname for Indian Cinema based out of “Bombay” now called “Mumbai”) films before knows, the majority of them are extravagant “Musicals” which are usually 3 to 4 hours in length (they have an intermission when they play in the theaters in India and “Desi” theaters in the U.S. and other countries)! Most major hits have the standard format of a young guy and girl who come from different walks of life and go through some kind of struggle to end up together in the end – with a few large dance and song routines in the middle of grass fields and villages in India (or sometimes other parts of the world – to change it up a bit:)).

But, “My Name is Khan” is nothing like that.  It is not a typical Bollywood film at all.  It is pretty serious (of course it has a few light moments sprinkled in between to keep it interesting) and goes head on at some of the world’s toughest issues such as prejudice, stereotypes, religious extremism, terrorism, security concerns, and the commonality of the human condition across the world.


I was actually pretty surprised at how serious and “un-Bollywood like” the film was.  And since it takes place in the U.S. (there is about 30 min in the beginning which takes place in India), a lot of the dialouge is in English (they have subtitles to translate the Hindi-Urdu languages, but no one likes to read them while watching a movie:))!

The other surprising thing about the film was the fact that the star – Shah Rukh Khan (a Muslim in real life), decided to make such a film in the first place.  Shah Rukh Khan (or “SRK” as his name is spelled by bollywood fans online) is the top Bollywood Actor and is more well known and has a larger fan base across the world than any American actor!  He is like Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington and Al Pacino (hey I’m a “Scarface” fan, so I gotta through him in there:)) all rolled up into one.  Most Bollywood films stay away from religion and if they do it is only for comic effect (i.e. a Muslim Mullah or Imam saying something stupid, etc.) or to to show some other stereotypical element.  Since most Indians are Hindu the films reflect the main characters and religious ceremonies from the Hindu perspective (usually). 

Shah Rukh Khan was born in India, but his father was Pakistani (from Peshawar), according to an interview I watched with him here:  

SRK is Muslim, but he is married to a Hindu women (similiar to the story in the film). They teach their two children both religions and do not force one religious view over the other.  SRK has played a “Muslim” character on film before, but his character of “Rizvan Khan” is the first in which his being a Muslim is an integral part of the story.  Thus, it is like he is going back to his Muslim Roots.  Shah Rukh Khan, known as the “King of Bollywood” (for all the awards and allocades he has achieved in the Indian Film Industry) playing a Muslim (a positive one at that), is a major historical event for Indian Cinema.  It’s like when Steven Speilberg decided to make “Schindler’s List” and share his Jewish roots or when Mel Gibson decided to make “Passion of the Christ” and give a voice to his minority Catholic roots in mainstream Hollywood.  Shah Rukh Khan has already received some backlash in India because he publicy supported Pakistani Cricket Players and complained that they should not have been omitted from the IPL (Indian Premiere League) cricket league.  Some Indian Nationalist groups have threaten to ban his latest film “My Name is Khan” from being shown in local theaters in Mumbai in protest.

This is a shame because the film is all about treating all people with respect and dignity, no matter their religion or ethnicity. Shah Rukh Khan plays Rizvan Khan, a Muslim Indian with Asperger’s syndrome (a type of autisim) who comes to America to be close to his brother (after their mother dies in India) and in the process he befriends and falls in love with a Bay Area Indian women named Mandira (who happens to be Hindu).  Rizvan and Mandira marry and live a pretty normal life, but then the attacks of Sept. 11th, 2001 happen and Mandira’s son Sameer is attacked in a hate related incident at school.  Sameer dies from his injuries and  Mandira blames her marriage to a Muslim (SRK’s character) for her son’s death.  Rizvan then goes across country to meet the President of the United States and explain to him that he is a Muslim, but he is not a Terrorist (a Mantra he keeps repeating throughout the film and thus the title of the movie).

Of course the story is at times stretching reality and the ending is far fetched, but the process is believable because it is based on incidents that many people have gone through or experienced themselves in real life: security profiling at airports, racist and prejudiced people who try to stop you from achieving your goals, as well as good people who help you get where you want to go.

But what I really liked about “My Name is Khan” is the way it humanizes Muslims.  Of course they have the extermist Muslim in the film, but they also have the main character, Rizvan (portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan) who is a very spiritual person and is not afraid to pray in front of people – whether it being by reciting verses from the Holy Quran in a middle of a vigil for the victims of the 9/11 attacks, or by making salat (prayers)  outside a truck stop while everyone (including a “normal” Muslim couple) watches him in awe.

On a side note – I was also impressed with the film’s accurate portrayal of Islamic rituals and practices such as praying and what Muslims recite or pray when people die, etc.  Most films, whether Bollywood or Hollywood usually never get it right.  That’s one reason when I got a chance to be a “Muslim consultant” on a local indie film shot in the Bay Area last year, I jumped at the chance to volunteer just so I can make sure they can depict Muslims praying accurately (I ended up showing a cast of about a dozen Non-Muslim actors and extras how to pray according to the Sunni Hanafi Method:))!

In the end “My Name is Khan” is about always having a positive attitude and never giving up on your dreams, no matter the odds stacked against you or who or what is in your way.  It is also about being proud of who you are and not being prejudiced or hateful to other people just because they may come from a different background, culture or religion than you do.  A very important message for both Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. 

I hope people learn this message of peace and understanding after watching this film. And I hope more films like “My Name is Khan” come out of Bollywood (as well as Hollywood), because we definitely need them in these trying times.  I highly recommend everyone to watch the movie and tell all your friends to watch it too!


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  1. If you think Bollywood still churns out poor guy rich girl 4 hour song and dance routines, you havent been following Indian Cinema in the 2000’s.

    While the quality of most films is still short of decent, the transformation that has happened in Indian film making in the last 5 years has to be seen to be believed. Visually the films look very good now. Stunts are still poor with wire stunts & car accidents being shown shoddily. Different story plots are tried in abundance. No more hero heroine theme as a rule.

    Romance, Comedy still rules the roost. My recommendation to you- go watch Gulaal, Dev D, Ishqyia, Kaminey, Mumbai Meri Jaan, Black Friday, 99, Welcome to Sajjanpur. Things have changed for good.

  2. one always like & recommend something where one,s point of view is validated.
    very interestingly you mention that u r not a fan of hindi movies & one of the reasons for not watching them is that they portray hindu way of life or characters but u suggest everyone else to watch muslim character in MNIK.
    Would you support minorities right in saudi arabia where one can’t even carry a bible , would u be even alive to drive around KSA to meet the king & ask for mandira,s right to pray in public…….
    do you not agree that such interfaith marriages are reqd in 51 islamic countries as well & say within ur family also so that muslims can be more tolerant …..
    Generally muslims are cowards & do not have the balls to publish & answer … let me check out yours

    • Dear Mr. Dsjpr
      thanks for your comments. I agree that in countries such as Saudi Arabia they do not give full and equal rights to their
      minorities- including to their fellow Muslims who come from different countries such as India and Pakistan. But in this particular case we are talking about the Indian film industry which is coming out of the so-called largest “democracy” in the world India. You have to admit that the Muslims
      in India are not treated fairly and equally in India, although they are the largest minority in the country. Muslims are kept out of important government positions as well as from getting into the good schools and other jobs simply because of their religion and ethnicity! This is the whole point of the movie: “MNIK”- to tell people of all religions (including Muslims as I stated in my review) that you shouldn’t be prejudiced or racist against someone because they are Muslim
      or Hindu or anything else! Now let’s if you agree with me or just try to call me
      more names and try to pretend you’re right:)?!

      • Salaams Irfan,

        I read your review a few days ago but checked out your comments only today. I am a bit disturbed by your assertion above that Muslims are not treated well in India. I’m not sure you can apply such a blanket statement to the situation. As you know, I grew up in India (lived there for 25 years) and can confidently say that I have enjoyed all the rights and freedoms that a person of any other caste, creed or religion would enjoy. Several other Muslims I personally know (across the country) who come from various strata of society are accorded similar privileges – good schools, jobs, etc.. Muslims are not denied important government positions either, what with Salman Kurshid, Ghulam Nabi Azad, E. Ahmed, etc. occupying important ministerial portfolios in the Central government.

        Sure there are some radical fringes of Indian society that dislike Muslims, but they remain just that – a fringe. Almost every country has a few lunatics with extreme agendas, and India is no different. However, the vast majority of Indians (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs alike) just want to have a good, prosperous life and don’t pay much attention to divisive politics leading to communal hatred.

        Mainstream media unfortunately doesn’t pick up on the real pulse of the people on the ground; they’d rather amplify radical views and events because that just makes better news. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming your views about Indian Muslims not being treated properly are based on what you’ve heard and read about in the media. Myself and several other Indian Muslims are living proof that
        that is simply not the case.

        I hope you don’t feel that I’m trying to slight you by my comments. Far from it. I’m just happy that I had the opportunity to shed some light on this issue, from an Indian Muslim’s perspective. Your blog is good – healthy discussion is always needed on such issues. Look forward to reading more in the future. 🙂

        Allah Hafiz
        Faheem (Your cousin)

    • Hey DS:
      With your foul language at the end of your message, you betray the lack of understanding and ignorance that you attempt to portay among others. Saudi Arabia has a lot of Hindus working there and commemorating their religious practices in private, It is not a free country. India IS a free country, yet Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians alike as minorities get ridiculed for their beliefs. You cannot compare India, a democracy and declared “secular” state with Saudi Arabia that is a monarchy, just as you cannot compare your rectum with your brain ( though they may be the same thing in your case). Therefore, your comment is irrelevant and silly.

    • Interfaith marriages rarely work or only work when both sides are completely secular which makes it non-interfaith marriage to begin with.

      Before attacking Saudi and its treatment of minorities, why not start from the so-called “civilized” and “democratic” Europe where they force Muslim women to take off their scarf, ban minarets, and don’t allow Muslims carry Qur’an in certain public places, and even prevent them from praying?
      Such hypocrisy is sickening.

    • Ya, I am an indian Muslim but wish I werent born in India. The prejudice that I had to face there was disgusting, unforgettable and unforgivable and its Hindus like u who help promote the negative attitude against Muslims and turn Muslims against there own country. I am in UAE and much happier. Oh and yes Non Muslims have never been slaughtered in Saudi Arabia the way Muslims have been slaughtered in Gujarat. Its weird that you call Muslims cowards when You yourselves are the biggest cowards.

  3. Hey..its not about any religions…its the greatest film made ever (bollywood/hollywood)….its about HUMANITY!!! (of all religion, caste)…its just based on one fact “there are only 2 types of people-good people and bad people”.so do not link it to any religion….I give it 5/5…best movie ever..watched it twice already in thatres! Great movie…needs to win Oscar and needs to be viewed by wider US, UK audience!!!

  4. Mahvish Bari Says:

    An excellent summary of a very bold and insightful film. MNIK addresses the circumstances which South Asians faced post 9/11, as well as diminishes the stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam. It was a breath of fresh air to see that for once, Muslims were not depicted as terrorists. It was a disappointment to see the way Muslims were characterized and portrayed in an earlier Bollywood film titled “Kurbaan.”
    MNIK does the faith of Islam justice by correcting any falsifications and misunderstandins regarding the religion. Islam is the religion of peace. A few bad apples out there who call themselves Muslims are ruining it for the majority of Muslims, who are loving people, good citizens, and devout believers in equality for all. Islam respects all faiths, and all beings.
    The film does a beautiful orchestration of tieing the love story to a social issue, and keeping the audience engaged in the protatonists’s journey and quest for justice. Two thumbs up for My Name is Khan!!!

  5. “Generally muslims are cowards & do not have the balls to publish & answer … let me check out yours”

    Lol! that’s hilarious! Is this guy still in high school? Irfan, it’s obvious that ds is one of those stupid fobs who love posting such comments on various posts and blogs across the internet. I suggest it’s best that you delete such further comments from your blog before ds comes down to his true level, which actually gets quite nasty.

    The review is superb! being an indian muslim, I completely agree with what you’ve written. you’ve done a great job! Kudos! I am sorry that people like ds represent my country. Most Indians (muslims and non-muslims) support harmony and brotherhood between each other. It’s unfortunate however that there are still some people like ds who cringe at such thoughts.

    and ds: vat man? staap eet yaar! quit wasting time on blogs and get back to your computer. chalo chalo!

  6. I’ve heard good things about this, and your review tells me I should definitely check it out!

  7. Well said Irfan…..I noticed along with what you said an apparent emphasis on power role to single moms….from his own mother, to Kajol as single mom, their nieghbor who’s husband dies in Iraq, The Georgia single mom, etc……do not know why but a strong leadership by dads missing in this story…overall a full two thumbs up!! sad that they did not get permission to film at the White House and opted for Sacramento for the last scene.

  8. This movie sounds great! Thanks for recommending it!

  9. javed mohammed Says:

    Excellent writeup Irfan,
    I areally like the big picture background as well as the review of the film.

  10. Ah that one line in the end pinched most of your friends .. Truth hurts.

    My point stays that muslims claim victimization, persecution & discrimnation everywhere be it in india, usa, europe thialand or philipines & many other places across the free world. Probably this is because of their upbringing, their religion itself or may be something else but it is common .
    In india we have had muslim presidents, chief ministers , cabinet ministers , vice chancellors, film stars , columnists etc but no amount of appeasement can satisfy this community .
    Point is they are victims of their own culture, their upbringing.. but blam e others without good enough reasons.

    well u can still delete if your bumchums find the truth disgusting

    • Dawud Israel Says:

      You Hindu chaps need to get over the penis envy you have against the more “virile” Muslim men. Everyone knows your hatred towards Indo-Pak Muslims is really sexual frustration over sexual inadequacy when compared to Muslim men. Not cool dude.

      P.S. bumchums is an interesting word

      P.P.S. Nice blog, hope to see this flick soon…

  11. deccandude Says:

    Thanks for the review – it was ok till the first five or so paragraphs but then, you gave away the plot and some major events in the film as some of us have still to watch this movie.

    • Sorry for giving away the plot. I forgot to put “Spolier Alert”! My apologies.

      • deccandude Says:

        No, it should be Spam Alert for ruining a good plot for most folks. And secondly, SRK’s father was not born in Pakistan but Delhi. Finally, bro, you are way off on Indian Muslims treatment in India. Let me tell you something – we have all the rights and are not stopped from practicing our religion (you can hear the Azaan loud n clear in any part of India) and finally we are a lot better off than how Pakistan treats the Mohajirs, we don’t bomb our masjids based on sunni – shia faiths like they do in Pakistan (what a shame it is when you don’t even respect the sanctity of the house of Allah and then you claim to be an Islamic country). No sir, alhamdulillah we Indian Muslims are treated a lot better than muslims are treated in your Pakistan. Next time you make such a big statement, please check your facts before spreading such counter productive statements around. My advise to you is that you stick with writing about the condition of the Mohajirs’ treatment in Pakistan, and next time, don’t give away the plot of any movie you review.

  12. AyubBHAI from Bambai Says:

    This is for the fellow who calls himself ds.
    Hey buddy, Saudi Arabia is a declared MONARCHY, not a democracy like India. Why are so many outcastes and untouchables being marauded in India for so long? Its a democratic republic, is it not? The Hindu majority of India professes to be “tolerant”. Yet, they are still mired in the well known caste system that more than debases human beings among their own kind. Is that hypocrisy or tolerance? Or is it as you say, simply validation of a point of view?
    As for Saudi, everyone knows what Saudi is like before going there. Most Indians cannot find good jobs or recognition in their own land, and when they are in a foreign country and earning well, they start complaining about other things. They become patriots to their land of birth and its customs without realizing why they left their lands in the first place. I know strict “vegetarians” in Gujarat who will not eat any meat at home, and ridicule others for eating it; yet the same folks eat meat and eggs from the hawker outside. Nobody, whatever religion they follow is a paragon of virtue. If Saudi represses other faiths, so does Nepal which claims to be a Hindu State; similarly the Vatican will not permit any non-Catholic entity within its enclave at the core of Rome. No religion is secular, though all claim to be tolerant. Tolerance is not about interfaith marriage ( as agnostics will try to express it). It is about being patient in the face of adversity. Duality of mind is an understandable human trait. Hypocrisy, on the other hand is a disease. Also, please stop expressing your need for Viagra in public.

  13. “Pro-Muslim” storyline is a rarity in “Hindu” dominated cinema? You got to be kidding me.

    • Dear Arif
      Please enlighten me, but what other major Bollywood films have had a “pro-Muslim” storyline?

      • Conrad Barwa Says:

        There are loads, depends on what you mean by ‘pro-Muslim’ I mean how many ‘pro-Muslim’ storylines are there in Hollywood cinema? The older films like Amar, Akbar, Antony and Naseeb were very clear in portraying minority religions like Christianity and Islam in a positive light, though of course they were relegated to a secondary role. Even the Amitabh Bachachan blockbusters of the 70s and 80s are replete with Muslim imagery and signifiers, like the armband with 786 inscribed on it given to AB’s character in Deewar, the loss of which is fatal to the character. For a long time, in films like Sholay and Coolie, it was almost mandatory to have the Muslim characters depicted in a positive light (this raises other problems of representation of course but that is a separate matter).

        Want more -‘pro-Muslim’ storylines? How about Jodha Akbar – bascially glorifiying Akbar’s role during the Mughal Empire, where Akbar is shown as some sort of super-king? Refugee Abhishek Bachchan’s debut where is a smuggler of indeterminate religion and identity helping Muslim refugees cross the border, Veer Zaara about the love affair between a Hindu Boy and Muslim Pakistani girl?

        This is to omit older dramas like Mughal-Azam, Razia Sultan, Pakeeza and Umrao Jaan all replete with the Islamicate culture; which for centuries WAS the elite culture of northern India, regardless of religion.

        There are also the Muslim ‘social dramas’ like Chaudvin ka Chand and comedies like ‘Talaaq’ (awful but hardly ‘anti-Muslim’).

        You should have perhaps tried to make the effort to actually learn something about Hindi cinema without writing it of in such an ignorant manner. Of course there is a lot of stereotyping that goes on and it is dominated by a Hindu social ideology; but this is like saying there are no films that positively portray African-Americans in American cinema because most of it is dominated by a White American point of view and ideology. Partially true but not completely true.

  14. Muslims are same across, none of of u could attempt an answer as u have none.Blog owner is happy with a bunch of applauders like u have those laughing in the background in a comedy show.

    Ayub bhai, let me give u some logic & facts
    Just because KSA is a islamic monarchy does it absolve them from human rights, what about the goodness of islam ( if any ).
    Hindus or christian may have their ills, is this reason good enough to justify islam foolishness ( to put it mildly ). Atleast other religion can accept & initiate change but muslims cannot even challenge & question their retrograde ideology.
    Muslims demand a lot of rights in the free world & defend the medivial customs , practices in islamic countries. Name one islamic country which give the kind of rights to its minorities & women officially which you demand.
    Nepal is no longer a hindu country , they changed their constituition last year & declared themselves secular.
    I may not be a hindu…… My name is khan ….. hahaha & i am an indian.

    Ayub bhai i understand it is difficult for ur & others circumcised brain to comprehand all i have written so read slowly & let it sink in

    • MY NAME IS BHAI Says:


      First, your anonymity does not do much for this debate. You might not even exist for all I care. Your repeated insistence on using vulgar language also makes it not worth my while debating with you. In your long paragraph, you use words like retrograde, medieval etc for one set of people and ideologies that you clearly don’t seem to like, without ever presenting its nexus to fact (I speak legal language, so be careful). An ideology does not become retrograde unless it bars people from scientific and industrious progress. I don’t care what your name or religion/non-religion is, but you clearly have not based your allegations on any facts; there are many other groups with medieval ideologies who claim the same form of rights that you blame one set for. This is not the forum to spell them all out. As for your query, OMAN officially gave rights to minorities to build temples and churches since many years ago -ask the Indians that live and flourish there. You have not been there. I don’t think you have traveled anywhere, and if you have then its a shame you did not learn. So does UAE. So also Pakistan where there are Christians, Hindus, and Parsies in a minority who practise their faith openly. Individual skirmishes have nothing to do with the state polity (just as the case is in India). That makes for more than one Muslim country. Should you use offensive or foul language on this blog anymore, your presence on this blog will be “circumcised” and you may be referred to Law Enforcement.

      • deccandude Says:

        Bhai: That’s a nice note in response to an offensive note. Thanks for showing your class and not stooping to a lowlife like that DS guy. Next time report him to and under special circumstances, they will also give you the complete contact information.

  15. Well there are a lot of factual errors and omissions in this blog opst: This is not the first movie in which Shah Rukh Khan plays a Muslim. He ha splayed Kabir Khan in the blockbuster hit Chak De and a handful of other movies too.

    The main characters being Muslim is quite common in Bollywood now: New York, Kurban, CHak De, Ishqiya, Luck By Chance, Ishqiya ….. list goes on.

    Muslims have been very prominent in Bollywood from Dilip Kumar to Saif Ali Khan both on and behind the screen as writers, directors, producers, musicians, singers etc.

    Bollywood movies have changed a lot since 90s and what is written in this blog rarely applies.

    the writer is quite ignorant of the subject and uses massive generalizations. I suggest he does some research before doling out this kind of crap.

    • Dear Atish
      Thanks for your comments. I am not a Bollywood Historian like you, but the point I was trying to make, was that there are very few movies out of India (or anywhere else for that matter) which have a lead Muslim character, whose religion is an integral part of the story, like it is in “My Name is Khan”! A few other people have mentioned to me that SRK played a Muslim before, but was his religion (Islam) part of the story? I don’t think so, but please correct me if I am wrong.
      Thanks again for your comments and I will try to go back and watch some of those old Indian movies you mentioned if I have nothing better to do:)

  16. Atish baby;

    I don’t understand why Bollywood lovers like you have to use derogatory language to assist your writings. “Crap” could also stand for the majority of lousy Bollywood films (sorry Philams) that are made for the masses of Inda to get their jolly! Seems like you have a doctorate in this area. The garbage they show on Indian cinema these days is the kind that would put our folks in Hollywood to shame. Better get back to your couch…you might miss the plot! And don’t forget to slurp your curry while you’re at it!

  17. Salaams All

    First all for clarification: I am not Anti-India or against India. My grandparents were born in India. My father was born in India before moving to Pakistan when he was a child. I have many family and friends who are from India.
    That being said, I am a student of Media. I have been following the portrayal of Islam and Muslims in mass media for about 12 years now. Although most of my background has been in US media, I have also watched some movies and tv programs from other countries, including India. Although I am now Bollywood expert, as I have stated several times already, I have talked to many Bollywood fans (before and after watching “My Name is Khan” who have stated that many films have Anti-Muslim or Anti-Pakistan themes (e.g. Mission Kashmir – which I have watched, and several Suny Deol films, etc.). So my review is based on the media perspective.
    In regards to the actual treatment of Muslims in India, of course there are many successful and well off Muslims who are from India and those who are treated well. But at the same time, based on Independent Media reports there is also a lot of prejudice and hatred against the large Muslim minority in India. The Gujarat Riots, which was facilitated by Indian police and government officials, is a recent example. Here is a link to a report about the treatment of India’s Muslims from Dec. 2006:
    There is a large proportion of the poor who are Muslims. Approx. 30% of the Muslim population live in poverty according to the report. Only 4.9% of Muslims have government positions. According to the Sachar report Muslims have less access to education – especially to higher education institutions in India.
    In regards to “DeccanDude”‘s comments:
    SRK’s father is from Pakistan. Here is an interview where SRK states it himself:

    Yes, there are many problems in Pakistan, especially the Shia and Sunni fighting and killing each other, but if you think that this doesnt happen in India or other parts of the world, then you are mistaken. By the way, Pakistan is unfortunately not a democracy, but India claims to be the largest democracy in the world.
    Again, my comments were based on the Media’s perspective from India. I have nothing against India or Indians, but we cannot hide the facts and pretend that everything is all good when it comes to India and it’s Muslims.
    Peace to All

  18. Asak. Good review. I really liked the film – thought it was very well done. hope you and your family are well!

  19. CoolieBaboo Says:

    Nice site , just one observation, SK is on his way back to his Muslim roots and then the big picture will appear, that is… he will then revert back to his Hindu Indian Roots which I’m sure he’s already seen the light, there is no such thing as a Pakistani with Muslim roots. It is written Your history, Our History.
    The truth shall set you Free. and you will be amongst the bravest soles to thread on this Planet
    May You All See The Light One Day and revert to your undeniable respective Origin with Dignity and we shall all walk in The Garden of Eden enjoying eternal Peace.
    What we wnat we must first give to the world and the world shall give back unto us.

    Long Live. Respect For All. Peace Be Unto All, Almighty !

  20. islam is a wenderful give from allah allah ho care ofe ho order us to do wat he wont from us because all that help us to live the beauty and the pease in our world islam mak us all brathers and sisters and the prouve is on the saint quoran this book it contane a stories about the profet mohamed and ather profets like jessus and alot of things show us how to live the life and onestly when you read quran you feel confertabel and you feel than you are savely and allah will prtect you and he is always withe you warever youare and forgive you even if you do abig mistak because he is akbar but you must love heme and apolegyzed from hem pleas make a searche about islam every one read this and you will lose nothing just try and if you be a good muslim beleave in allah and dont do bad things you will have haven inchalah say withe me ashehadou ana la ilaha ila allah wa ana mohamed rasoul allah ya hay ya kayoum ihdini

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