Foodistan (Lahore, Pakistan)

Recently, I came back from a month long trip to Lahore – the culinary capital of Pakistan.

Lahore, has a wide variety of cuisine, from fancy upscale Italian restaurants to the simple Pakistani village food and everything in between.

A few tips for those of you who may be traveling to Pakistan soon:

1. Get Your Shots – Before you Travel (Currently Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Polio and Malaria are the main diseases in Pakistan)

2. Don’t Drink The Water – unless it’s Bottled and Sealed (Nestle PureLife is the most reliable brand)

3. Don’t Eat Street Food – unless it is fried up, steaming hot, or cooked well done!  Avoid eating anything cold or something made with water.

If you follow those 3 simple rules, you should be fine and not get sick!

Below is a short slideshow of my trip through “Foodistan” aka Lahore this past February.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, as much as I enjoyed eating all the delicious food:)!

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You can see more pictures of my trip to Pakistan on ILLUME magazine online here!


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  1. Nice pics. Brings back memories. Thanks for sharing, Irfan.

  2. Yum

  3. Looks great. Nice capture. Thanks for sharing.

  4. nice post!

  5. Amazing slideshow Irfan! You did a great job, I felt like I was watching/viewing Travel channel site.

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